South Valley Estates & Park is a new private housing development and public park. It was completed in 2007 and is located in the Municipality of Saanich. Prior to redevelopment, this large lot ex-agricultural area underwent a detailed municipal planning process, which identified the small drainage ditch as being a tributary to the Colquitz River. The River is salmon-bearing, so a more natural system that would also take the increased stormwater from the new housing was designed. Several developers and their consultants were involved in the creation of the whole length of the new creek as each phase of housing was built.

Rainwater Management Techniques Used


Swales help to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff.

Rain gardens

Several gardens absorb and retain runoff.

Permeable Paving

Pavers allow the movement of water and air through the paving material.


An existing drainage ditch was completely redeveloped as a series of wetlands and creeks to address increased runoff from new housing, improve aesthetics and provide a community amenity and wildlife corridor.

Project Team

LADR Landscape Architects, Landscape Architect
SWELL Environmental Consulting, Biologist
UMA Engineering Ltd., Civil Engineer