L'Ecole Victor Brodeur is located in the Town of Esquimalt. It is an three story K-12 public school in School District 63. The rainwater project was completed in Spring 2007. Permission to view the rain garden is granted by the school office during school hours; the garden is visible from the public sidewalk.

Rainwater Management Techniques Used

ecole-victor 166x166 sqRain garden

A small rain garden is located in the vehicle drop off area at the north end of the site.


Hard surfaces on the property drain to a bioswale for treatment and infiltration.

Permeable Pavement

Permeable asphalt is present in the parking slots at both ends of the site, and has been used to increase the amount of rainwater that can enter the groundwater system through natural subsurface discharge and disposal.

Underground Storage

Excess flows from bioswale and flows from impervious asphalt are directed to a retention area and French drain network (filter cloth, drain rock and perforated pipe system) installed below the permeable asphalt. This acts as a short term storm water storage area for major storm events. The French drains collect excess water and direct it to the underground pipe network. Flows the the municipal storm system are controlled via a manhole outlet.

Reduced Footprint

Indoor and outdoor space needs were shared through a special agreement between the School District and Esquimalt Parks and Recreation Department with both institutions using each other’s facilities.

LEED certification is being sought for this project. The project also features low flush toilets, waterless urinals and many energy saving devices.

Cost & Funding

$19 million, total project

The project was funded by the Province of BC ($16 million), the Government of Canada ($3 million). The Town of Esquimalt funded the basketball courts and multi-use field.

Project Team

Viewpoint, Landscape Architects
Bullock Baur Associates, Civil Engineer
Marceau Evans Johnson, Architects
Thornley BKG Consultants, LEED™ Manager


637 Head Street
Esquimalt, BC