Holly Farm Townhomes are a residential complex of 15 units located in Central Saanich. The units were built in the Fall of 2007.

Rainwater Management Techniques

holly-farm 220x136 hhDetention Pond

Holly Farm contains a 24 metre square vegetated wetland detention area which takes excess stormwater from roof surfaces. A controlled outlet detains stormwater during large storm events.

Permeable Paving

Aqua Pave brand unit pavers are used in driveways. Two permeable paved road sections also receive stormwater runoff from asphalted road surface areas.

Project Team

Small & Rossell, Landscape Architects
Westbrook Consulting Ltd, Civil Engineer
Bas Smith, Architect
Fairwest Construction Co, Builder


7250 West Saanich Road
Central Saanich, BC