The Operations Centre is a public building which houses the main office and field operations for the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. The building was completed in Fall 2005.

Rainwater Management Techniques Used

Rainwater Harvesting/Reuse

gulf-islands-centre 220x136 hhA 30,000 litre underground storage tank for roof rainwater provides water for reuse in low flush toilets and for washing saltwater from marine equipment. Up to 108,000 litres of rainwater can be collected and reused annually.

The building is Canada's first Platinum LEEDtm building, with a minimum building footprint on an existing urban lot. Features include drought tolerant landscaping plants, a saltwater geothermal loop and photovoltaic panels. Energy savings should realize a 3.2 ton annual greenhouse gas savings.

The building received the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Green Building Award and the BC Wood Design Award for High Performance Building in 2006.

Cost & Funding

$4.5 million, publicly funded.

Project Team

Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg Inc, Landscape Architects
1st Team Engineering
Larry McFarland, Architects
BC Buildings Corporation, Commissioning Agent


2220 Harbour Road
Sidney, BC