The eco-sense home has regular tours and courses and may be visited by prior arrangement via Eco-Sense.

ecosense-home 220x136 hhThe building is a residential, single family dwelling designed for a three generation family of six, completed in December 2008. Water and energy conservation are incorporated into the design of North America's first seismically engineered, load bearing, and fully insulated cob building (cob = clay, sand, straw). Other features include solar PV with grid tie, an option for future wind turbines, solar thermal hydronic heating, passive solar design, LED lighting, earthen floors, natural plasters, grey water re-use, composting (NO FLUSH) toilets, rainwater harvesting, and a living roof. The home is zero waste and net zero energy. The home has been registered for the Living Building Challenge, a step well beyond LEED platinum.

Rainwater Management Techniques Used

ecosense-shed 220x136 hhGreen Roof

Two green roofs are in place at the Eco-Sense home. One of the workshop, as pictured, and one on the house, due to be completed by summer 2009.

Above Ground Storage

The house has 4000 Gal of storage in HDPE tanks and 2400 Gal concrete tank (all tanks are partially buried). The living roof acts as a mini watershed for initial rain water filtration. The stored water is then used for irrigation of food crops. The family's minimal amount of domestic water currently comes from a well but their rain water system can be easily upgraded to supply all their water needs, with the addition of a five micron filter and UV sterilizer before entering the home.

Rainwater Harvesting/ Grey Water Reuse

The home also reuses all of its grey water for garden irrigation after water is passed though a primary filtration system (worm bio-filter), which act as a grease trap and a surge tank.

The house was built with the help of many private individuals, who contributed funds, labour and workshops.

Project Team

The Victoria Native Plant Study Group, Green Roof Planting
Kris Dick (University of Manitoba), Building Alternatives, Structural Engineer
Building Construction and Design: Gord and Ann Baird


Eco-Sense Home
3295 Compton Road (Highlands)
Victoria, BC V9E 1C8 C