The Department of National Defense (DND) Aggregate Refueling Site was built in Spring 2006. This property has historically been a storage, repair and distribution depot for munitions, materials and fuels for the Canadian Navy. It is now a priority remediation site.

Rainwater Management Techniques Used

dnd aggregate  220x136 hhVegetated Storm water Ponds

Ponds were designed and built to provide both retention and treatment of contaminated storm water runoff. The ponds permit sedimentation to remove pollutants, organic matter and metals, while removing dissolved substances through biological uptake processes. The ponds are also designed to hold peak flows and slowly release water into a watershed, aiding in erosion abatement.


The ponds are planted with a variety of native vegetation, including aquatic species and drought tolerant edge species, to biologically remove pollutants in the storm water. Nest boxes for Violet-green swallows, and bat roost boxes were added to help establish a balanced wetland ecosystem and control insects.

Project Contact

Environment Officer, Formation Safety and Environment, Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt. Tel: 250.363.7547


DND Aggregate Site
DND Lands (no public access)
Colwood , BC