The Lodge is a 33 room hotel and restaurant complex built in the Spring of 2004

Rainwater Management Techniques USed

Rain Garden

brentwood-bay 220x136 hhA small, vegetated detention area takes some roof water and inflow from stormdrains that once crossed the site. All native plants were used in the garden.

Other Features

The steep bank down to the foreshore was preserved and enhanced with native vegetation instead of clearing and terracing. A causeway was built over the water rather than a land-side waterfront walkway, which helped preserve native soils and plants and their stormwater absorbing capacity. Specially designed footings under the causeway create marine habitat refuge areas.

Project Team

Eckford and Associates Landscape Architecture
Stantec, Civil Engineer
Baker McGarva Hart (now VIA), Architect


849 Verdier Ave
Central Saanich, BC