The CRD offers free workshops to residents on how to properly care for your residential septic system. Proper maintenance has a significant impact on how well your system works and how long it lasts. Your home is one of your most important investments. Taking care of your septic system is like an insurance policy on that investment. Attend a workshop and learn how to protect the environment, your community's health and save money.

2020 Fall Septic Savvy Workshops:

All Septic Savvy workshops are currently on hold. 

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"Thank you again, so much, for a wonderfully interesting and informative workshop. Really grateful to have access to such a great resource and for free! Wow!"

"Fun, interesting."

"Very informative session. Lots of myths demystified"

- Septic Savvy Workshop Participants

Don't see a workshop in your community? We schedule approximately 5 a year. Contact us at 250.360.3187 or email to request a workshop near you.