3R Programs (Grades K-12)

Register your class for an interactive workshop and/or interpretive tour of the Hartland landfill and recycling facility. Actively promoting waste reduction and recycling education to students and educators for more than a decade, these programs are one of many initiatives in place to reduce the amount of waste generated and disposed of in the Capital Region.

Hartland Learning Centre is open for pre-booked class and group presentations for between 15 and 35 people.



There are no fees for these programs.


Registration is available on a first come first serve basis, so please register early to ensure availability.

Please note: All spots in April are booked. If you would like to book a program there are plenty of spots available throughout the rest of the school year.

Educational Resources

Our teaching guides and resources provide curriculum aligned activities, background information and reference material for specific lessons about waste. Activities, videos, quizzes and additional resources are available in the For K-12 Students section.