The Preventing Pollution (grade 8-12) lessons and resources were designed and developed by the CRD Regional Source Control Program in co-operation with local teachers for use by educators in the capital region.

Using this resource

Scroll through the tabs below to find resources to:

  • raise awareness about how automotive shops and food service facilities are connected to the local environment.
  • learn about local regulations and best management practices for automotive and food services.
  • prepare students for the local workforce by increasing awareness of current and upcoming best management practices.
  • empower students to protect our local waterways, ocean and environment.

Preventing Pollution : Automotive Technician (8-12)

Lesson 1: Environmental Impact and Regulations

Learn about our local pollution history and management and disposal of automotive wastes.

Lesson 2: Preventing Pollution

Activities and videos that explore automotive shop equipment and procedures required in our region to help prevent pollution.

Pollution : Foods and Professional Cook (8-12)

Lesson 1: Environmental Impact and Regulations

Learn how our kitchens are connected to the local environment and the regulations in place to limit what goes down the drain.

Lesson 2: Preventing Pollution

Activities and videos to explore what we can do at home or in local food service facilities to reduce our environmental impact.

Lesson 3: Clean Green

Discover cleaning properties of natural food based ingredients with recipes to make cleaning products for the kitchen.

Maps of the Capital Region

(Sanitary) Sewered Area Maps

Watershed Maps and Flow Diagrams

Find your watershed and how rainwater flows to reach the ocean. Read More >>

Interactive Maps

Add layers to these maps to learn more about your community:


Preventing Pollution : Automotive Shop

  • Automotive Shop posters for Dry and Wet shops.  Highlight what your shop is doing  and/or the regulations in place to protect public health and safety and the environment.

Preventing Pollution: Food Service


Order a pre-loaded USB and/or print copies by contacting CRD Education.

Clean Green Cookbook

Try these recipes for household cleaners that are easier on the environment, because in our region anything that goes down a drain can end up in the ocean or in our groundwater.


Search how to reduce, reuse and recycle in the capital region, find the facility locations and get the environmental story behind the items we use in our homes and businesses. Search now

Climate Action To- Go Kits (K-12)

Now offering cool tools for a warm planet – for the classroom!  Tools to measure electricity use and discover air leaks in your classroom and school. Borrow a Climate Action To-Go Kit for your classroom. Borrow a kit.

Growing Solutions

Understanding what goes into producing our meals can make us more aware of the relationship between food and climate change; helping us make better choices. Read more >>

Want to know what fruit and vegetables are in season in the region right now?
Download the Growing Solutions Fresh Food Calendar.

Transportation Tune-Up

Learn how to save money, gas and reduce GHG emissions through smart travel choices, then spread the word to others. Read more >>

Preventing Pollution: Food Service

Preventing Pollution: Automotive Service

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