Whether you are taking action to transform how you and others travel to school, the products your organization buys, or the way in which you dispose of your waste, there are tremendous opportunities to go green at school. 

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Climate Action To-Go Kits

Climate Action To-Go Kits are a fun and easy way to learn about what you can do to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the classroom. 

Borrow a kit for your classroom. Contact CRD Education.

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The BC Sustainable Energy Association

The BC Sustainable Energy Association delivers the Cool It! Climate Leadership Training to grades 4 to 7 students in elementary schools in the region and across the province. The program teaches students about climate change and identifies how they can become a part of the solution.  

Destination Conservation (DC)

DC is a practical, student-driven, activity-based program that brings environmental education alive in schools. DC is designed to increase sustainability by helping schools conserve energy and water, reduce waste and protect the environment while saving money! A cooperative team of students, teachers, principals, custodians and parents work together with DC partners in this multi-year program.

The BC Sierra Club

Since 1998, Sierra Club B.C’s Education program has provided curriculum-based, outdoor-based nature experiences for 125,000 students and teachers across the province of British Columbia. By directly engaging with local natural environments and centring diverse ecological and traditional knowledges, we offer hands-on activities and experiential learning opportunities that foster healthy childhood development and cultivate environmental sustainability.

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions has developed Climate Insights 101, a short course series designed to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of climate science and related issues. 101 is produced as a series of modules, each with several 30-minute animated lessons.

The Pembina Foundation

The Pembina Foundation has developed GreenLearning, a premier learning resource for teachers wanting to practice innovative ways of green learning in their classrooms. The program is designed to help teachers save time and help students participate in their own learning while gaining a more holistic and hopeful understanding of complex energy and environmental challenges.

Sustainability Course Content: A Curriculum Framework

The Ministry of Education has developed Sustainability Course Content: A Curriculum Framework that provides sustainability concepts and learning outcomes. The development of Sustainable Resources 11 and 12 is the only Ministry curriculum that examines major BC resource industries, including agriculture, energy, fisheries, forestry and mining.