Annually, CRD staff monitor measure levels of contamination in storm drain pipes, creeks and the nearshore marine environment in approximately 500 locations. The aim of the monitoring is to identify sources and assess potential impacts to public and environmental health. The data is summarized in annual reports and used by our municipal partners, other jurisdictions and the community, to identify sources of contamination and direct clean-up, infrastructure upgrades and restoration activities.

Summer Beach Reports

In the summer, Island Health samples water quality for beaches that are formally recognized public recreational water bathing areas, with lands controlled by a federal, provincial, regional or municipal body/agency, which provide access to ocean, lake or river water. These beaches are monitored to protect swimmers from illnesses that may be linked to unacceptable levels of bacteria. Swimming in contaminated water can result in increased risk of ear, nose and throat infections or gastrointestinal illnesses.

Updated throughout the summer, water sampling results of monitored "South Island Beaches" can be found on the Island Health's Beach Report webpage. Island Health may issue 'Beach Advisories' to indicate that the water may be unsafe for swimming. Learn more >>

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