The Elk/Beaver Lake watershed is the headwaters for the Colquitz River system which flows through the District of Saanich and into the ocean at Portage Inlet. The 2.24km2 combined lake area receives water from a 7.82 km2 upstream drainage area. Water flows into Elk Lake from O’Donnel Creek and Hamsterly Creek and into Beaver Lake from Haliburton Brook and Linnet Creek. Many stormwater drainages also carry water into the lake. A section of the Patricia Bay Highway runs directly beside part of the east shore of the lake. Land cover in the watershed includes low and medium density residential, forest, pasture, annual cropland, wetlands, and some open lands.

Did You Know?

  • Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park constitutes 56% of the land area in the watershed. Privately owned residential and agricultural properties occupy the remaining 47%.
  • Elk Lake was a drinking water source for the City of Victoria up to 1914, and supplied water to the Saanich Peninsula until 1977.
  • The lakes are stocked by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations with approximately 18,000 rainbow trout each year.
  • Water from Elk Lake flows south into Beaver Lake where a dam maintains minimum downstream flows to the Colquitz River for the purpose of potential salmon migration.


About Elk/Beaver Lake