Colquitz River Watershed

Friends of Cuthbert Holmes Park

For several years, community volunteers have been working on an invasive species control and native plant restoration project in Cuthbert Holmes Park, located along the lower reaches of the Colquitz River. This municipal park supports a stand of mature Douglas fir forest, pockets of Garry oak and associated understorey vegetation near the outflow of the creek at Portage Inlet. Since about 2008, there has been a large heron rookery in the park, and many other bird and wildlife species use this urban forest and riparian area and benefit from the restoration work being done there.

Colquitz River fish counting fence

Several volunteer Colquitz River stewards maintain a fish-counting fence in the lower reaches of the river behind Tillicum Mall. The fence has been there since about 1973, established and maintained by the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association. Volunteers are active in promoting environmental health of the creek and riparian area. Between 200 and 400 coho salmon, and several dozen chum salmon return each year to spawn in the Colquitz. During the fall salmon run, hundreds of children from local schools are welcomed there to see the salmon returning, learn about salmon life cycles and stream health.

Swan Creek Restoration Project

In 2012, a restoration project was initiated in the Swan Creek sub-watershed, part of the larger Colquitz River watershed. Partners include Peninsula Streams Society, District of Saanich and Swan Lake-Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Many community volunteers are now involved, and it is hoped that up to 600 coho salmon will once again spawn in this creek. A five-year watershed management plan is being developed to guide the restoration process.

Habitat Acquisition Trust: Good Neighbours Project – Colquitz, 2005

This homeowner outreach project provided over 300 homeowners along the Colquitz River with information about how to improve ecological functioning of their riparian property. See the final report.

Colquitz Watershed Project

The Colquitz Watershed Stewardship Project was an environmental education initiative undertaken in the Greater Victoria and Saanich School Districts in the early 2000s. It helped students, teachers and citizens to develop aesthetic appreciation, ecological awareness and a stewardship ethic for the Colquitz watershed.

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