Colquitz River Watershed

Total Drainage Area 4,960 hectares
Municipal jurisdictions District of Saanich
Length of main stream channel 9,879 metres
Highest elevation in watershed 91 metres
Major tributaries and their length Blenkinsop: 2,314m, Durrell:1,825m, Swan: 2,329m, Viaduct: 2,250m
Lakes and wetlands in the watershed Elk/Beaver, Swan and Blenkinsop lakes, Quick’s Bottom, Viaduct Flats, Panama Flats, Rithet’s Bog
Degree of channel modification Most main and tributary stream channels modified by past dredging, ditching, and in-stream wood has been removed
Environmental concerns Urbanization; spills from home heating oil tanks; ditching, draining and culverting for agriculture and stormwater conveyance; hydrology of river altered by dams; flood plains no longer accessible to stream flows; impervious surfaces; invasive species; agricultural run-off; septic field infiltration

From Urban Forest Stewardship Initiative Report by Caslys Consulting

Colquitz River Environment



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Emergency Management of BC 1.800.663.3456
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