rbc-logoClick through the below tabs to view numerous resources available about rainwater, stormwater, watersheds and watershed stewardship for residents, educators and children.

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Discover your watershed.

Get involved and learn about the ways you can clean, protect and enhance the watersheds within the capital region.

The following are a series of watershed videos for both children and the general public highlight topic such as, what is a watershed and how does it function, how have we changed our watersheds and watershed stewardship for residents and business. These resources have been develop with support from RBC Blue Water Project.

A series of watershed illustrations aim to aid educators or students with a graphical understand about how watersheds work, important functions of both natural features and green infrastructure. Theses resources have been develop with support from RBC Blue Water Project.

Brochures for residents and businesses:

Below are a series of best management practices and informational brochures provide information about watershed stewardship and rainwater management at home or for your business.

Ollie the Otter the CRD Watershed Warden program is comprised of tools for children, families and educators to learn about your watershed and suggested watershed stewardship actions. These resources have been developed with support from the RBC Blue Water Project.

Ollie the Otter - Watershed Warden Badge
Kids can earn a CRD Watershed Warden badge! Join Ollie the Otter's team and become a CRD Watershed Warden by learning about watersheds and actively protect your watershed. Read more >>

Watershed Education Lesson Plans
Lesson plans for elementary school aged children are available and can be easily adapted to various grade levels. Read more >>

Get to know the watershed in which you live, work or play. Follow the below links to regional and individual watershed maps, flow diagrams and more that will help you discover your watershed.

Learn more about our watersheds at CRD Watersheds.

Webmap is the CRD's web mapping application. This application provides users with fast and intuitive access to many layers of information including our most recent aerial photography.

Webmap is an upgrade to the Natural Areas and Harbours Atlas that were developed in the early 2000's. The goal of this new application is to provide intuitive access to as much information as possible using a map interface.