• The Burnside Gorge Community Association conducts education and outreach to the public and local businesses, monitors water quality, removes invasive species, and contributes to maintenance of a native plant garden adjacent to Cecelia Creek. The association has been particularly active in projects in Rock Bay and Cecelia Creek watersheds.
  • houseboats at fishermans wharf
  • The goal of the James Bay Neighbourhood Association is to “enable the community to be actively involved in the preservation, rehabilitation and planned development of James Bay, so as to preserve and enhance the quality of the environment and life therein”. The association takes an active interest in the Victoria Harbour area, particularly in issues around the cruise ship facility and harbour pathway project.
  • The Victoria Esquimalt Harbour Society is a not-for-profit group committed to providing vision and guidance for stakeholders with a commercial interest in the harbour. Their mission is “to protect and advance the harbour's commercial vitality through advocacy, stewardship and community engagement”.
  • The Victoria and Esquimalt Harbours Environmental Action Program is an intergovernmental initiative working to protect and improve the environmental quality of the harbour areas.
  • The Gorge Waterway Initiative (GWI), formed in 2005, is a collaborative, community-driven group of organizations concerned with protecting and enhancing the natural and cultural features of the Gorge Waterway, Portage Inlet and the surrounding watersheds. Members include conservation groups (including PIPS and PISCES), community associations, local residents and municipal representatives who work together on a variety of stewardship initiatives concerning Portage Inlet and the Gorge Waterway. GWI members take an active interest in issues affecting the environment of Victoria Harbour as well, as part of the same marine inlet.

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