Although impacts from past and present human activities are evident in Victoria Harbour, some areas still provide valuable wildlife habitat and feeding areas. Shoreline properties in Victoria Harbour frequently undergo redevelopment, providing opportunities for enhancing wildlife habitat and the overall condition of the harbour. (See diagram for different types of subtidal habitats in Victoria Harbour).

Victoria harbour Johnson street bridge 220x136 hh

Victoria Harbour and shoreline with Johnson Street Bridge in background

Ecosystems found in Victoria Harbour:
  • Wharves and docks have replaced the natural shoreline as the most common intertidal habitat. Although the environmental quality of the shoreline has been altered throughout the harbour, these structures often provide attachment surfaces for animals such as mussels, barnacles, tubeworms and sea anemones.
  • There are numerous rocky subtidal areas of the harbour where kelp beds occur, and small patches of eelgrass still exist in some areas.

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