Size of harbour (total area) 70 hectares
Total area of main creek watersheds entering Portage Inlet Colquitz River: 4,959 ha
Craigflower Creek: 2,424 ha
Average depth < 2 metres
Main creeks that flow into Portage Inlet Colquitz River, Craigflower Creek, Hospital Creek
Main physical features Shallow inlet; limited tidal flushing; intertidal mud flats
Main biological features Eelgrass; Olympia oysters; salmon spawning streams; important bird habitat
Main environmental concerns Habitat loss; water quality; closed to shellfish harvesting
Number of storm water drains entering Portage Inlet 49
Total length of shoreline 17,472 m (including Gorge Waterway to Selkirk Trestle)
Dominant subtidal substrate type Mud
Other subtidal substrate types Mud/sand; gravelly mud/sand; gravel

Portage Inlet Watersheds

  • Colquitz River
  • Craigflower Creek
  • Gorge Creek
  • Hospital Creek


Emergency Contacts

Emergency Management of BC 1.800.663.3456
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