Although much of the Gorge now has altered shorelines, the rocky shorelines that remain support a diversity of marine life including green, red and brown algae (e.g. rockweed), mussels, barnacles, limpets, snails and crabs.

A small lagoon is located at Esquimalt Gorge Park, consisting of a sand and gravel beach and intertidal salt marsh. This is a man-made feature resulting from a creek daylighting and restoration project undertaken by the Township of Esquimalt around 2005.

cecelia creek estuary 166x166 squareA small estuary at the mouth of Cecelia Creek consists of intertidal mud flats and a fringe of salt marsh vegetation. This area provides habitat for burrowing animals such as clams, worms and other invertebrates, and feeding grounds for birds.

A salt marsh fringe exists in many locations along the Gorge, where the shoreline has not been substantially hardened with seawalls. Redevelopments of shoreline property can provide opportunities to restore this natural habitat.

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