No matter where someone lives, they live in a watershed. A watershed is an area of land that intercepts and drains precipitation through a river system or group of river systems. Learn more about some of the watersheds in our area.


Learn more about some of the harbours in our area.

Wildlife & Plants

Learn about some of the marine and terrestrial species that are found in our region.


We have Coastal/Marine, Freshwater, and Terrestrial ecosystems in our area. Learn more about each of them.

Geology & Processes

Geology and processes help shape our coastlines and shorelines. Learn more about some of the geological features and processes pertaining to the Capital Regional District.

Event Booking

How to book the CRD outreach team, water cart, recycling, event speakers or a picnic shelter.

Watershed Management

The Integrated Watershed Management Program works with municipalities and the community to maintain healthy watersheds and protect the near shore receiving environment. Read more>>

Learning Resources

Are you a teacher or student? Meet our local Watershed Warden and find environmental education learning resources!  Learn more>>