Sip, Snap and Win!

couple-drinkingfountain-tall-william-ngThanks to everyone who participated in the Tap Into Trails campaign promoting sustainable choices that include active living and choosing our local tap water.

Our local tap water. It’s in all our local foods. It makes up 78% of us, and that's a good thing. After all, Sooke Lake Reservoir is fed by a protected, forested watershed, which means our water supply is naturally clean and clear.

Take a walk, run or cycle the Regional Trails (Galloping Goose, Lochside and The E& N Humpback Connector) where you are able to replenish your supply of safe, clean and delicious CRD drinking water. Ten new fountains have been installed along Regional Trails that are drinking bottle friendly, accessible and provide fresh water for your pet.

© Images courtesy of William Ng

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