The Slogan Master Challenge

What's a T-shirt without a cool slogan on it? A blank canvas! burger-web

Wondering what to do with the leftover fats, oils and grease (FOG) generated from cooking. Each year, almost one million kilograms of FOG flow down the drains of homes throughout the Capital Region. Well, it doesn't always flow. Slogan Master aims to spread the word about how to properly and safely dispose of leftover fats, oils and grease through composting or recycling. FOG can clog pipes and treatment screens, causing backups, overflows and odour problems. FOG that makes it through to the ocean can deplete oxygen, damaging fish and other organisms that inhabit the environment. Not to mention that it takes additional energy for treatment plants to break down excess FOG entering the system. Learn more about how to properly dispose of FOG and some tips and tricks on other ways to prevent pollution.


Our 2014 Slogan Master grand prize winner is Rob with his slogan To Prevent the CLOG, Reduce the FOG. Congratulations! The slogan will be printed on T-shirts and sink catchers, and given out at 2015 community events. Rob also receives a gift certificate to Big Wheel Burger ($75 value) and bragging rights!

Past Slogasloganmastertshirt-halfsuds-webn Master Winners

Half the suds, cleans your duds! - Osbaldaywon

Winning slogan for the surfactant reduction campaign.

Fish can’t say no to drugs!
- @Brandscaping

Winning slogan for the proper disposal of medications campaign.


Additional Resources

  • Learn more about Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) to create that snappy, short slogan.