My Green School Plan Challenge

This fall, K-12 youth teams in the capital region were challenged to design My Green School Plans to reduce their school’s eco-footprint, raise student awareness and/or change behaviour.

We are pleased to announce that three teams were awarded funds to turn their plans into action.


Strawberry Vale Elementary School Team

The maze, art wall and gravel stream projects are being added to the nature playground.

reynolds-hydroponicsReynolds Secondary School Team

“The hydroponics program at Reynolds is up and going! It started with planting our variety of basil, oregano, lettuce and mustard seeds.” Reynolds team

Southern Gulf Islands Secondary School Team

“We are very proud of our system. Thank you so much for the grant! We would not have been able to do it without you!” – GISS team Also see GISS’s Salt Spring Food Truck which will be using greens from this project.

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My Green High School Plan Partners

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