climatehome-hhClimate change is a complex, multi-year challenge. For more than a decade the CRD and its partners have been providing leadership on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for climate change impacts.

Addressing climate change means fundamentally re-thinking many of the big questions: where we live, how we move, what we eat, where our energy comes from, and what a changing climate will mean for life on southern Vancouver Island. Every action and decision has a climate impact – either locally or globally.

While the challenges are real, they are not insurmountable. By taking action on climate change in the capital region, we can protect valuable services like clean air and water; we can create jobs and maximize local economic development; we can reduce costs for homeowners and businesses, and we can enhance quality of life.

CRD Climate Action Program

The CRD’s Climate Action Program acts as a regional hub and facilitator on climate change issues. We work with local governments, non-profit societies, public institutions and the private sector to help reduce emissions today and plan for climates of tomorrow. The Climate Action Program works directly with staff and elected officials from local governments to support the implementation of community-wide and corporate policies, initiatives and practices to reduce emissions and increase adaptive capacity. Since it was established in 2009, the CRD Climate Action Program has been involved in a number of initiatives that help to achieve local and regional goals:

Current Regional Projects & Initiatives

CRD Climate Action Strategies

The Capital Regional District (CRD) Board has identified climate action as a top strategic priority and signed the BC Climate Action Charter in 2008. On an ongoing basis, the CRD is taking steps to adapt, mitigate and reduce climate change impacts.

Climate Action CARIP Public Report

The CRD is required under the Province's Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) to develop and make publicly available an annual CARIP Public Report. The CRD's CARIP Public Report meets the requirements for reporting, as established by the Province.

The Resilient Region Exchange

The Resilient Region Exchange is a chance for focused conversations with local leaders from government, business, academia and non-profit agencies who are working to create a healthy, vibrant and green capital region. Each quarter the breakfast rotates around the region to profile innovative initiatives, organizations, and people. The format allows participants to introduce themselves, meet new people and expand their network. Check for the next event.

Climate Action Program service areas:

  • Support for municipalities and electoral areas on their unique priorities and focus areas related to climate change.
  • Data on energy and emissions as well as local and regional climate-related indicators.
  • Public outreach and partnerships focused on reducing emissions and catalyzing action.
  • Policy development and partnerships with other levels of government.
  • Education and capacity building within CRD operations.

Climate Action E-Newsletter

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