Climate change may be the single biggest challenge facing our planet. The impacts of a changing climate will continue to affect our ecological and economic systems, human health and community well-being around the world. Taking action on climate change helps increase energy security, reduce community vulnerabilities and encourage innovation.

Working in partnership with public, private and non-profit sectors, the CRD Climate Action Program supports the necessary shifts in policy, planning, infrastructure, and behaviour that are required to create a resilient and low-carbon capital region. The Program works directly with staff and elected officials from local governments across the region to support the development and implementation of both community-wide and corporate climate action initiatives.


The Climate Action Program was developed through the Climate Action and Adaptation Service Establishment Bylaw No. 3510 in 2008. The Program launched in spring 2009, and serves the region's municipalities and electoral areas by acting as a resource, hub and facilitator on both climate mitigation and adaptation issues. The Program directly supports stakeholders through five important roles:

  • Assisting local governments in developing and implementing emissions reductions and climate adaptation policies, actions and programs under their corporate and community portfolios.
  • Providing scientific information, data and indicators related to local and regional greenhouse gas emissions and projected climate impacts for the capital region.
  • Increasing public awareness of climate change issues and catalyzing action through partnerships with public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations and community organizations.
  • Liaising with senior levels of government on climate change related programs, policies and legislation that impact the capital region.
  • Supporting the CRD in fulfilling its own corporate climate objectives on mitigation and adaptation, including becoming carbon neutral in its own operations starting in 2012.

Administration and Funding

The Climate Action Program is responsible for reporting to the CRD Environment Services Committee. The Climate Action Program's budget is provided through an annual CRD tax requisition on behalf of all of the municipalities in the capital region.