Marine Programs scientists are involved in additional scientific research, often in collaboration with universities and governmental agencies, to address issues related to wastewater and marine environment monitoring and assessment. Studies undertaken as part of the Wastewater and Marine Environment Program (WMEP) are recommended and reviewed by the Marine Monitoring Advisory Group (MMAG). The MMAG periodically reviews the list of additional investigations based on WMEP results, current scientific issues and the need to supplement the existing knowledge on environmental effects of the Region's wastewater discharges.


The wastewater and marine environment monitoring programs are regulatory requirements under the various permits, registrations, operational certificates, and liquid waste management plans issued to our wastewater facilities, along with the various provincial and federal regulations that the facilities operate under. The CRD works with our regulators to ensure our monitoring programs meet all regulatory requirements and that additional scientific research is done as necessary.


The WMEP reports to the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee for the Macaulay and Clover points outfalls, the Saanich Peninsula Wastewater Commission for the Saanich Peninsula Treatment Plant, and various Local Service committees and commissions for the five treatment plants on the Gulf Islands and in Port Renfrew.


All wastewater and marine environment monitoring is funded through allocations from the operational budgets of each facility. In addition, external funding from collaborative research partnerships is sometimes used to support the additional scientific research.