Owned and operated by the CRD, Hartland Landfill is a multi-purpose site which, in additional to landfill services for general refuse and controlled waste, provides drop off for recycling, organics and household hazardous waste. Approximately 140,000 tonnes of garbage is received annually from commercial and residential customers.

Our most recent calculations indicate that at present filling rates, current design capacity is expected to be reached in 2049.


The CRD became responsible for solid waste disposal in 1973 when the Province of BC directed all regional districts to take control of solid waste disposal within their borders. Hartland landfill, which had been operated as a private facility since the early 1950's, was acquired by the CRD in 1975. The facility continued to be operated by a private contractor until January 1985, when the CRD assumed direct operation of the site.

Bylaw 3881, the Hartland landfill tipping fee and regulation bylaw, updated in 2013, establishes tipping fees and regulations for the deposit of solid waste and recyclable materials at Hartland landfill


The Environmental Resource Management division of the Parks & Environmental Services Department oversees the Hartland facility.


All costs associated with CRD solid waste disposal and diversion programs are funded through tipping and user fee revenues at Hartland Landfill, service delivery agreements for stewarded materials, sale of electricity and sale of recyclables.