Under agreement with Recycle BC, the CRD provides over 127,000 single family dwellings in the region recycling-allwith curbside recycling services for packaging and paper products.

Since 1989 over 470,000 tonnes of recyclables have been collected.


The CRD became responsible for solid waste disposal for the region in 1973 when the Province of British Columbia directed all regional districts to take control of solid waste disposal within their borders. How solid waste is managed within the Capital Region is governed by the Solid Waste Management Plan. The CRD's Solid Waste Management Plan, adopted in 1989, has undergone two revisions and eight amendments. Work on Revision 3 is currently underway.


The Environmental Resource Management division of the Parks & Environmental Services department oversees solid waste services.


All costs associated with CRD solid waste disposal and diversion programs are funded through tipping and user fee revenues at Hartland Landfill, service delivery agreements for stewarded materials, sale of electricity and sale of recyclables.