We envision keeping approved plans current and monitoring for effectiveness to ensure we achieve our goals and to remain accountable to CRD residents.


The CRD provides information on and analysis of the region’s population, development, land use, transportation, housing and employment trends.

Developing, implementing, maintaining and updating a regional growth strategy supports regional sustainability and quality of life. Building Inspection is responsible for overseeing the construction, alteration, repair or demolition of buildings within the capital region’s three electoral areas (Juan de Fuca, Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands).

Anticipated initiatives, staffing, timing and service level requirements for the year ahead are outlined each year in the Planning & Development Community Need Summary.

Key activities related to planning & development are outlined in the following plans and strategies:

  • The Regional Growth Strategy is a vision for the future of the capital region, guiding decisions on regional issues such as transportation, population growth and settlement patterns.
  • The Regional Food & Agriculture Strategy is an in-depth exploration of regional food and agriculture objectives, issues and opportunities to guide action and foster leadership.
  • The Regional Housing Affordability Strategy reflects the CRD’s evolving role and identifies ways to better respond to changing housing market conditions and new developments in government housing programs and policies.
  • The CRD Board Priorities confirm the CRD’s vision, mission and mandate and set the long-term strategic direction for the CRD in order to respond to community needs.
  • The CRD Corporate Plan outlines how the CRD will respond to community needs and deliver on the CRD Board Priorities, ongoing service commitments and approved plans over four years.

The Planning and Protective Services Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Board on policies and initiatives related to planning & development.