1.370 Emergency Program - JDF

As required under the Emergency Program Act, the CRD, as the local authority, provides an emergency management organization that develops and implements emergency plans and other preparedness, response and recovery measures for emergencies and disasters, for the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. The plan coordinates Emergency Response Agencies in the electoral area, endeavors to manage risks from major emergencies and disasters that may effect the Juan de Fuca residents and visitors, and provides assistance to residents who are evacuated during an emergency. The electoral area plan is integrated with the CRD organizational Emergency Management Plan and those of the other CRD Electoral Areas.


In January 1993, the Province granted the CRD authority to provide Emergency Programs under the Emergency Program Act and in April 1993 the board adopted Bylaw No 2109, Sooke Emergency Program Extended Service Bylaw No 1, 1993. In April 1999, the board adopted Bylaw No 2690, Langford Electoral Area Emergency Program Extended Service Bylaw No 1, 1999. After the incorporation of Sooke, the remainder of the Sooke Electoral Area and the Langford Electoral Area were combined to become the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. In March 2004, the Province, by regulation, granted to the CRD the same power that a municipality has as a local authority under the Emergency Program Act, and later in 2004, amended the Emergency Program Act to establish all regional districts as the Local Authority for their Electoral Areas. The service continues to be provided under CRD Bylaw No 2109 and the Emergency Program Act.


The Juan de Fuca Local Emergency Coordinator is responsible for the day to day operations of the service. The service is managed and operated by the CRD Planning, Transportation and Protective Services Department.


The budget for this service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process, and is funded by an annual property value tax levied in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area.