1.369 Fire - CRD Departments Administration & Coordination

CRD volunteer fire departments provide fire protection services in the areas indicated on the map for this service. This service provides support to the various individual CRD fire departments within the electoral areas, including:

  • maintaining a common Fire Regulation Bylaw,
  • providing fire management software,
  • coordinating fire chief meetings to discuss common issues,
  • working with CRD Risk Management to provide a common insurance framework,
  • working with CRD Risk Management to respond to injury or 3rd party liability claims,
  • working with Fire Underwriters regarding community reduced insurance cost,
  • overseeing sufficiency of members on the rosters, and
  • coordinating group workshops for fire and emergency response programs.

The CRD's Parks & Environmental Services and Integrated Water departments have trained individuals who respond to fires within the CRD Regional Parks and Greater Victoria Water Supply watershed areas.


At the request of the CRD and approved by the participating electoral area directors, the Province granted the CRD the function (service) of Fire Protection and Regulation on July 17, 1983. The service authority included the powers contained in section 699 (establishing a fire department, appointing and supervising the fire chief, the ability to, by bylaw, make agreements for: mutual aid, fire protection provision to others, provide for equipment and facilities for the fire department), and 700 (subject to the Fire Services Act, by CRD bylaw, to make fire regulations for the protection of persons and property) of the Municipal Act. All electoral areas except the Southern Gulf Islands participate in this service. Electoral Area Director approval is required for establishing each Fire Service area (defined or entire electoral area). This service continues to be authorized by Supplementary Letters Patent of the CRD.


A standing committee, established by the CRD board, oversees the service and where applicable, receives input from the various CRD fire service commissions/societies. The service is operated and administered by the Planning & Protective Services department.


The budget for this coordination service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process, and is funded by the service areas of the fire departments funded through the CRD. The individual departments are funded through annual parcel taxes or property value taxes levied within their service areas.

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