1.355 Fire Protection - Durrance Road - JDF

The Durrance Road Fire Protection and Emergency Response Service provides fire protection from the Saanich Fire Department to a group of nine properties on Durrance Road. These properties are more easily accessed by the Saanich Fire Department than the closest CRD Fire Department, Willis Point.


In 1997, the CRD Board was requested by petition from the property owners to establish a fire protection service covering a neighbourhood on Durrance Road. In 1997, the CRD Board adopted Bylaw No. 2506 which established a local service for the prevention and suppression of fire, called the Durrance Road Fire Protection Service. The service is now the Durrance Road Fire Protection and Emergency Response Service and continues to be authorized and administered under CRD Bylaw No. 2506.


The service is provided under contract with the District of Saanich. The contract is administered by CRD Protective Services and the Finance Department. There is a basic standby fee paid to Saanich, and a schedule of fees to be charged in the event of a fire call out. The CRD Board has also adopted Bylaw No. 3452, Fire Regulation Bylaw No 1, 2007.


The budget for this service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process, and is funded by an annual parcel tax, and if applicable, call out fees and charges in the local service area.

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