1.352 Fire Protection - South Galiano - SGI

The South Galiano Fire Protection and Emergency Response service provides fire protection for the southern portion of Galiano Island. The service is provided under contract with the local Fire Society, and the service provided (always in situations where the Fire Chief determines there are sufficient personnel and equipment resources available) includes fire suppression, and assistance in response to:

  1. Requests from the Provincial Ambulance Service for extrication of persons from damaged motor vehicles
  2. Requests for assistance in the extrication of persons from damaged buildings, structures or from situations involving natural hazards
  3. Emergencies where police or ambulance personnel are unavailable or are unable to respond adequately and the equipment and personnel of the department is required to respond to the situation.


In 1963, the South Galiano Volunteer Fire Department Society was established. In 1970, the CRD Board was requested by the community to hold a referendum to establish a fire protection service covering the southern portion of Galiano Island. The referendum passed and in January 1971, the CRD Board adopted Bylaw No. 70 which established a local service for the provision of fire protection services called the South Galiano Specified Area Establishment Bylaw. The service is currently authorized and administered under CRD Bylaw No. 2148 South Galiano Fire Protection & Emergency Response Local Service Establishment Bylaw No 1, 1993.


The service is provided under agreement with the South Galiano Volunteer Fire Department Society. The contract is administered by CRD Protective Services. Under the agreement, the Society provides fire protection services in and for the local service area. One director of the Society Board is a CRD Board nominee.

The Society Board of Directors appoints a Fire Chief, who must also be appointed as a local assistant by the Fire Commissioner. The Fire Chief appoints the members of the Volunteer Fire Department and operates the department subject to the provisions of the Fire Services Act and CRD Fire Regulation Bylaw No. 3452. The Fire Chief has delegated authority to enter into agreements required by the Ministry of Forests under its "Operating Guidelines for Wildfire Suppression with Local Governments and the Provincial Emergency Program for Road Rescue".


The Society submits to the CRD a provisional five year operating and capital budget which is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process, and is funded by an annual property value tax levied in the local service area.