2.691 Water - Wilderness Mountain - JDF

The Wilderness Mountain Water System provides drinking water to approximately 80 residential lots located near the top of Mount Matheson in East Sooke. The System obtains its drinking water from Wilfred Reservoir, a man made, small surface water body which lies within a protected watershed. The Water Treatment process for the system consists of Cartridge filtration, Ultraviolet light disinfection, and Chloramine disinfection.


At the time the Wilderness Mountain subdivision was developed, a private water utility was constructed which subsequently was sold to another utility operator. In 2008, the CRD Board was requested, by petition from the property owners, to establish a water supply system covering the area of a private Waterworks Utility. In 2008, the CRD Board adopted Bylaw No 3503 which established a service to operate the supply, conveyance, treatment, storage and distribution of water, called the Wilderness Mountain Water Service. The CRD assumed the service delivery assets of the Private Utility and the Board commenced operating the Service. The Service continues to be authorized and administered under CRD Bylaw No 3503.


A Commission, made up of local residents and property owners, and the JDF Electoral Area Director, provides community input for the delivery of water service. This service is managed and operated by the CRD Integrated Water Services Department.


The budget for this service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process, and is funded by connection charges and then through annual parcel taxes and water user fees levied in the local service area.