2.680 Water - CRD Distribution

The CRD Distribution System provides retail drinking water to the municipalities of Colwood, Langford, Metchosin, Sooke, View Royal and portions of the Juan de Fuca (JDF) Electoral Area. The Distribution System receives it's bulk water supply from the CRD Regional Water Supply Service. Within the JDF, there is an underwater pipeline across Sooke Inlet to a reservoir in East Sooke to enable distribution to customers. Agriculture Water users receives a subsidy from the Water Supply Service.


In 1997, the Province of BC adopted the "Capital Region Water Supply and Sooke Hills Protection Act" (the "Act") which established a CRD Water Supply Local Service with interim participants being the municipalities of Colwood, Langford, Metchosin, View Royal and the Sooke Electoral Area. That same act dissolved the Greater Victoria Water District (GVWD) and transferred all assets, obligations and liabilities of the District to the CRD, to be divided between the Regional Water Supply Service and the Water Distribution Service. In 1992, the CRD Board adopted Bylaw No 2538 which established the Water Distribution Local Service commonly called CRD Water Distribution. The service continues to be authorized and administered under the Act and regulations, and CRD Bylaw No 2538.


A Water Supply Commission, (prescribed by the Act) made up of the JDF Electoral Area director and members of the council of each participating municipality, that are appointed by the council, and are equivalent in number to those the municipality has on the CRD board, as well as, provides community input for the delivery of the water service.

In October/December of each year, the Water Distribution Commission must submit an annual budget to the CRD Board including estimates for operating revenues, expenditures and debt charges as well as estimates relating to water supply service capital expenditure program for inclusion in the Board's provisional and annual budgets.

This service is managed and operated by the CRD Integrated Water Services Department.


The funding for the annual budget is from Development Cost Charges (DCC), connection charges and then metered water use charges to individual households/businesses, the Seagert Water Improvement District, the Beecher Bay Reserve and the Sooke Reserve.