2.640 Water - Lyall Harbour Boot Cove - SGI (Saturna)

The Lyall Harbour-Boot Cove Water System provides drinking water to approximately 181 lots on Saturna Island. The water system obtains its drinking water from Money Lake, a small, impounded, surface water body that lies within a 94 hectare, uncontrolled watershed on Saturna Island. The water treatment process consists of pre-chlorination, high pressure sand filtration, activated carbon and post-chlorination.


In 1978, the local community requested the CRD Board to hold a referendum to take over the community water service that had been put in place and operated by a developer. The referendum passed and the CRD board adopted Bylaw No. 513, which established the Saturna Island Water Supply and Distribution System. Ownership of the system was transferred to the CRD in 1979. In 2001, the service was renamed the Lyall Harbour/Boot Cove Water Service and is currently authorized and administered under Bylaw No. 2920.


A Committee, made up of local residents and property owners, the holder/representative of Conditional Water License No 26480, and the SGI Electoral Area Director, provides community input for the delivery of water service. This service is managed and operated by the CRD Integrated Water Services Department.


The budget for this service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process, and is funded by connection changes and then through annual parcel taxes and water user fees levied in the local service area.