2.635 Water - Magic Lake Estates (2) - SGI (Pender)

The Magic Lake Estates Water System provides drinking water to 1,263 lots in a Water Service Area on North Pender Island. The system obtains drinking water from two surface water sources, Buck Lake and Magic Lake. The water treatment process used by the Buck Lake Water Treatment Plant (WTP) consists of primary disinfection with ozone, pressure sand filtration, post chlorination and ammoniation while the Magic Lake WTP consists of primary disinfection with ozone, pressure sand filtration and post chlorination.


In 2000, the Capital Plan for the Magic Lake Estates Water System required a new source of funding to pay for works, including replacing ageing water mains and upgrading water treatment facilities. In working with the community, the Board proposed a scheme to allow residents to pay their share of the debt by either a cash payment in advance, or to partake in a 15 year borrowing. This scheme required elector approval of two bylaws to fund the $2.9 million in proposed works, and in July 2000, Bylaws 2798 and 2799 were approved by referendum. All property owners that chose to have the CRD borrow their share have an annual loan payment billed through taxes, for a duration of 15 years.

For information on the primary Magic Lake Water Service, see the profile for the Magic Lake Estates Water System, administered under CRD ByLaw No 1874 since 1991.


A Commission, made up of local residents and property owners, and the SGI Electoral Area Director, provides community input for the delivery of water service. This service is managed and operated by the CRD Integrated Water Services Department.


The budget for this service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process and is funded by a parcel tax levied in the local service area. The taxation will cease when the repayment of the 15 year borrowing is complete.