2.610 Water Supply - Saanich Peninsula

The Saanich Peninsula Water System consists of approximately:

  • 46 kilometres of water supply mains
  • nine balancing reservoirs
  • nine pumping stations
  • two pressure reducing stations
  • nine supply meters
  • two rechlorination stations

All of the above are required to provide bulk trunk water supply systems for Central Saanich, Sidney and North Saanich. The operation includes design and implementation of infrastructure renewal and upgrading programs as well as operation of supply system pumping stations, pipelines and reservoirs.


In 1976, the Province of BC "deemed to be desirable and in the public interest" to dissolve the Brentwood Waterworks District, the Deep Cove Waterworks District and the Sidney Waterworks District and transfer their assets and liabilities to three municipalities: Saanich, Sidney and North Saanich.

The province then transferred the water supply portion of all assets and liabilities held by the three municipalities (including those just transferred from the three Waterworks Districts) to the CRD "in trust for the use and enjoyment of and fulfillment by" the municipalities. These actions created the Saanich Peninsula Water Supply Service and were directed by Supplementary Letters Patent dated December 22, 1976 as amended. The service continues to be authorized and administered under the Supplementary Letters Patent.


A Commission, prescribed by the Province of BC, consists of 11 members and provides community input for the delivery of the water service. Membership includes one CRD director, one councillor and one member-at-large from each municipality (Central Saanich, North Saanich and Sidney), one member representing the agricultural community and one member representing the four peninsula First Nations.

This service is managed and operated by the CRD Integrated Water Services Department.


The budget for this service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process. It is funded by the sale of water, primarily to the three peninsula member municipalities. Capital funds/debt servicing costs are collected by annual requisitions to the member municipalities. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is billed directly by the CRD.