The CRD provides small craft harbours (docks) at 12 locations. These harbours provide a vital link to island community residents and visitors by providing: moorage, access points for supplies and mail delivery, as well as for water taxies. Fuelling stations are available at Lyall Harbour and Miners Bay; in addition, fuel is accessible from a marina adjacent to Montague Harbour. Permitted use and regulations information is provided in Bylaw No. 2844.


As a result of local voter approval through referenda, the CRD provides the service of acquiring and operating small craft harbour facilities (docks) through the following bylaws:

The CRD established these services when the federal government divested itself of small craft harbour facilities ownership and operation in the early 2000's.


The CRD retains fiscal and regulatory authority for the Small Craft Harbour Service. For the operation of this Service, the Board has delegated authority to two commissions to represent the local community interests and exercise administrative authority: Fernwood Dock Management Commission and SGI Small Craft Harbours Commission.

Funding for Harbours (Docks)

For each Electoral Area, the costs of managing, operating and maintaining the harbours (docks) are covered through annual parcel taxes in the facilities' respective Electoral Area, and where practical, through fees and charges.