We envision strategic investment to maximize the artistic, social and economic contribution that arts organizations make to the quality of life of our residents.


The CRD Arts & Culture Support Service provides various grant funding streams to not-for-profit organizations in the region. By supporting, promoting and celebrating the arts, the CRD contributes to the development of a healthy, livable and vibrant community and fosters collaboration between arts organizations, funders and audience.

On behalf of participating municipalities and electoral areas, the CRD manages and funds performing arts venues, libraries and museums, in addition to developing, operating and maintaining numerous local amenities. The CRD provides local arts funding on Salt Spring Island and supports, promotes and celebrates the arts through the Arts Development Service. The investment in arts organizations gives residents access to thousands of affordable arts events that foster civic engagement and social inclusion and helps build a healthy economy.

Anticipated initiatives, staffing, timing and service level requirements for the year ahead are outlined each year in the Arts & Culture Community Need Summary.

Key activities related to our commitment to arts & culture are outlined in the following plans and strategies:

  • The Arts & Culture Support Service Strategic Plan sets priorities for regional support, promotion and celebration of the arts
  • The CRD Board Priorities confirm the CRD’s vision, mission and mandate and set the long-term strategic direction for the CRD in order to respond to community needs.
  • The CRD Corporate Plan outlines how the CRD will respond to community needs and deliver on the CRD Board Priorities, ongoing service commitments and approved plans over four years.

The Arts Commission provides advice and recommendations to the Board on policies and initiatives related to arts and culture.