CRD Board Supports Regional Approach to Transportation

Oct 12, 2016

Victoria, BC – The Capital Regional District (CRD) Board announced their support today for local government engagement on a proposed Regional Transportation Service. Local governments will have an opportunity to provide input on how a regional service can best build upon and complement local transportation services.

Transportation continues to be a significant issue for residents across the region, as recently evidenced in the Greater Victoria Vital Signs survey. The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce has also identified transportation as vital to continued economic development.

“With 58% of transportation movements in the region crossing municipal boundaries it is imperative that a regional lens be placed on transportation,” said CRD Board Chair, Barbara Desjardins. “Being able to move between municipalities is not only vital to the economic success of the region but also provides for access to health, recreation and social structures that make our region so vibrant.”

A Transportation Service was identified as being key to delivering on the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) approved by the CRD Board in 2014. The CRD developed the RTP in consultation with local government, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, BC Transit and other key stakeholders from across the region to identify a vision for regional transportation along with priority actions and targets. A new service is required to provide the CRD with a mandate to address regional transportation needs to the extent outlined in the RTP.

A regional transportation service could, without any new funding, provide the CRD with the ability to:

  • collaboratively identify regional transportation priorities
  • coordinate inter-municipally
  • integrate regional trails more closely with municipal walking and cycling infrastructure
  • collect and analyze regional multi-modal transportation data
  • more effectively advocate for senior government funding with one united regional voice

“Transportation movement does not respect municipal boundaries,” said Chair, Susan Brice. “Although some issues can be addressed at the local level, all partners in the region need to come together and work collectively on the best solutions for our current and future transportation needs.”

Creation of a transportation service could also allow the CRD to partner on funding infrastructure projects and deliver a wide range of transportation programming and services. Entering into and funding such services would require additional budget and Board approvals. Infrastructure project funding may be contingent on availability of senior government funding. 

The CRD will undertake local government engagement over the next three months. Feedback will be reported to the CRD’s Transportation Select Committee early in 2017. 

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