Federal Government Confirms CRD Risk Designation for Wastewater Treatment by 2020

Apr 18, 2016

Victoria, BC– The Federal Government confirmed the CRD’s risk designation status in a letter to the Chair of the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (CALWMC).

The Office of the Minister of Environment confirmed its views on environmental protection in relation to wastewater treatment and the Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations in a letter to the CALWMC chair. The letter confirms the CRD’s Clover Point and Macaulay Point wastewater systems are significantly above the high risk designation threshold and require treatment by 2020. The letter goes on to explain the points system that allocates the level of risk based on criteria for effluent quality, quantity and receiving environments. If a jurisdiction has more than 70 points allocated between those three categories, it is deemed high risk. Based on data submitted to Environment and Climate Change Canada, the total risk points allocated for Macaulay Point and the Clover Point wastewater systems were 126 and 112, respectively, which are significantly above the 70 points risk allocation and therefore require a deadline of December 31, 2020.

In 2014, the CRD received transitional authorization agreements to allow for continued discharge until wastewater treatment is in place. Under the Fisheries Act, penalties for not meeting the prescribed deadlines include significant fines or potentially imprisonment for non-compliance. The CRD, with support from the Province, is committed to implementing wastewater treatment by the prescribed deadline.

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Attachment: Letter to CALWMC Chair

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