CALWMC takes important steps forward: 4 option sets approved for additional costing analysis

Nov 05, 2015

Victoria, BC – The Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (CALWMC) took important steps forward this week by approving four option sets for costing and financial analysis.

The CALWMC got the results of the Engineering Team’s Technical Memorandum No. 2, which outlined four option sets (1-plant, 2-plant, 4-plant and 7-plant) for the Core Area. The option sets were developed with the assistance of the Technical Oversight Panel, Project Charter goals and commitments, feedback and input gathered from the public, technical work completed for the Westside Select Committee and the established technical criteria.

“We are very pleased with the report as it respects local direction and input from the communities at the same time as working towards a regional solution where all the flows are accounted for in one system,“ said Committee Chair and Mayor of Victoria Lisa Helps. “The preferred option sets recognize community values expressed through the public consultation processes and also build on existing infrastructure.”

All of the option sets provide the required level of secondary treatment and options for advanced tertiary treatment. Solids treatment is still under analysis by the Engineering Team as they continue to explore market opportunities and technologies for reuse.

  • The 7-plant distributed option has facilities located in Langford, Colwood, View Royal, Esquimalt, Rock Bay in Victoria, Saanich Core and East Saanich. Under the 7-plant option, Rock Bay would be a large central-type facility with possibilities for local water reuse, whereas the other 6 smaller plants would be able to provide tertiary treatment for water reuse around each plant, with the exception of the Langford and View Royal facilities, and heat recovery.
  • The 4-plant sub-regional option has treatment facilities located at Rock Bay in Victoria, Esquimalt Nation, Colwood and East Saanich. The 4-plant model includes local water reuse possibilities at all four plants.
  • The 2-plant option set includes a centralized plant at Rock Bay in Victoria to provide treatment for most of the Core Area, but also a facility in Colwood. At the Colwood facility, effluent would be reused for irrigation and aquifer recharge, contingent on Ministry approval. The large plant becomes the “alternative method of disposal” for the Colwood facility.
  • The single plant option is proposed to be located at Rock Bay in Victoria. Additional costing analysis on the single plant option will be conducted to provide costing and financial information with regards to tertiary treatment at the Rock Bay facility in Victoria.

Phase 2 public engagement begins right away with formal public consultation taking place in early December and continuing into January. Eastside and Westside consultants and municipal staff are working together to identify opportunities to collaborate in engaging the public and to further integrate communication and engagement as it pertains to a regional plan.

To provide feedback on these option sets to the CALWMC, email

To view the complete report and detailed descriptions of the option sets, and for updates on public consultation opportunities, visit

1-Plant Option Set
2-Plant Option Set
4-Plant Option Set
7-Plant Option Set
Summary Chart of Core Area Option Sets 
Reference Guide to Wastewater Treatment Terminology

The municipalities of Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, View Royal, Colwood and Langford and the Esquimalt Nation and Songhees Nation collectively are participants of the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Service which is managed and operated by the CRD in accordance with the CALWMP. The Province has confirmed that the CRD is responsible for implementing secondary wastewater treatment in the core area within timelines prescribed in the CALWMP.


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