Westside Solutions Announces Poll Results and Next Steps in Public Engagement

Nov 03, 2015

Victoria, BC– Westside Solutions (Westside Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Select Committee), announced the results of the random sample poll conducted with Westside residents, and a plan for phase 2 of public consultation.

The results of the poll confirm that Westside residents overwhelmingly prefer to ‘pay more to build a solution that allows potential reuse of water and removed solids for energy recovery’ (81%) over ‘pay less to build a solution that meets current regulation but does not allow reuse of water or solids removed during treatment’ (16%). When asked about support for a variety of higher and lower cost design solutions, the more expensive solutions are preferred by a strong majority of residents in all instances.

Highlights from the poll include:

  • 68% of residents say they are closely following wastewater planning
  • 91% of residents had not participated in previous planning activities
  • 50% of residents are most concerned with the continued discharge of sewage into the ocean
  • 24% of residents are most concerned with the increase to their tax bill
  • 20% of residents most concerned with impact on neighbourhood quality of life
  • 81% of residents prefer a higher cost solution that allows for potential reuse

“Significantly, the poll confirms much of what we heard in previous public engagement efforts, including the fact that residents are willing to pay more for a facility with resource recovery technology,” said Committee Co-Chair and Esquimalt Mayor Barbara Desjardins. “It also shows a public very concerned about the continued discharge of wastewater into the ocean, and the degree to which they are engaged with this issue.”

Phase 2 formal public consultation is anticipated to begin in early December. Throughout the coming weeks, Westside Solutions will continue to post news and events items to its website, and distribute information updates through municipal facilities and public events.

“The poll indicates that residents on the Westside are very interested in what happens moving forward regarding wastewater treatment and resource recovery,” said Committee Co-Chair and Colwood Mayor Carol Hamilton “I want to ensure residents that we will continue to engage them in finding a solution.”

For more information, visit www.westsidesolutions.ca. For details on the Eastside Select Committee public feedback process, visit www.crd.bc.ca/eastside

Colwood, Esquimalt, Langford, View Royal, Songhees Nation and Esquimalt Nation with the support of the CRD, are working together to find a westside solution to wastewater treatment and resource recovery.



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