Wastewater Fairness and Transparency Advisor Available to the Public

Sep 10, 2015
On August 14, 2015, the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (CALWMC) announced Ms. Kim Cholette as the Fairness and Transparency Advisor for the region’s wastewater treatment and resource recovery project – and she’s now ready to take submissions from the public.

The Fairness and Transparency Advisor will review submissions from the public to ensure that the process of costing the options, working with the host jurisdiction(s) and preparing an amendment to the Liquid Waste Management Plan is fair, transparent, impartial and objective. Residents with concerns about the process are encouraged to contact Ms. Cholette through a feedback form found at www.crd.bc.ca/FTA.

Ms. Cholette will review the submissions received on a case by case basis and launch a formal investigation if deemed appropriate. Throughout this process, Ms. Cholette will report back to the CALWMC, and through to the Board, on how the process could be improved in terms of fairness, transparency or objectiveness.

“Public engagement and feedback is an integral part of this planning process and we will continue to work towards being as transparent and inclusive as possible throughout this process,” explained Chair Lisa Helps. “Having a Fairness and Transparency Advisor with the breadth of experience of Kim Cholette, helps ensure that we address issues in a proactive, timely way. It means we will be able to continuously improve the process.”

Ms. Cholette has extensive experience in the area of legislative reviews, administrative fairness assessments, and public sector policy and program development. Over the past 20 years Ms. Cholette has worked in the public sector in both BC and the Yukon including working with various administrative tribunals.

“It is vital that projects of this size and complexity are conducted in a fair and transparent manner,” said Kim Cholette, Fairness and Transparency Advisor. “I’m pleased to be in the position and am looking forward to working with the agencies involved and the public to ensure a fair and transparent process.”

In addition to the appointment of the Fairness and Transparency Advisor, the CALWMC appointed a Technical Oversight Panel to independently review the work of the engineering, business case, lifecycle costing and other project analysis. Together, these two additions to the CALWMP help reinforce the transparency and inclusiveness that this project is working towards.   

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For media inquiries, please contact:
Lisa Helps, CRD Director
Chair, Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee
Tel: 250-661-2708

Andy Orr, Senior Manager
CRD Corporate Communications
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