CALWMC Takes Key Steps Forward with Wastewater Treatment Planning Process

Aug 14, 2015

Victoria, BC The Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (CALWMC) made three important decisions this week that will provide guidance on its work going forward on costing options in the coming months. The CALWMC has secured technical support to conduct detailed analysis and engineering work, selected six individuals to the Technical Oversite Panel, and chosen a Fairness and Transparency Advisor.

“The calibre of candidates and firms that applied for each of these roles speaks to a renewed confidence in the project,” said CALWMC Chair Lisa Helps. “Elected officials now have world-class expertise at our fingertips and in particular a good balance between leading edge innovation and extensive experience in capital project management and costing, including lifecycle costing.”

Technical Oversight Panel:

The CALWMC has selected six individuals to the Technical Oversight Panel (ToP) in order to ensure that the rigorous costing and feasibility studies for the wastewater treatment options includes both the necessary due diligence and process innovation as needed. The ToP will provide independent oversight to the work of the engineering, business case, lifecycle costing and other project analysis and will report directly to the CALWMC.

Individuals with a range of expertise were selected to the ToP and include:

  • Teresa Coady (Chair)
  • Susheel Arora
  • Robert Atkins
  • Roger Bailey
  • Bruce Jank
  • Jeff Snyder

“This is the biggest project to date in the CRD and it is vital that it is done right,” said Teresa Coady, Chair of the ToP. “I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with such distinguished colleagues to ensure a high level of rigor is applied to the process of creating the wastewater treatment plan which will meet the needs of the Core Area.”

Fairness and Transparency Advisor:

Kim Cholette has been selected as the Fairness and Transparency Advisor to ensure that the process of costing the options, working with the host jurisdiction(s) and preparing an amendment to the Liquid Waste Management Plan is fair, transparent, impartial and objective.

Ms. Cholette has a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in community economic development and a Master of Laws with a concentration in administrative and constitutional law. Her extensive experience in the area of legislative reviews; administrative fairness assessments; and public sector policy and program development was honed over the past 20 years working in the public sector in both BC and the Yukon including work with various administrative tribunals.

Technical support to conduct the detailed analysis and engineering work:

Urban Systems, partnered with Carollo Associates, has been awarded the contract to conduct the Feasibility and Costing Analysis for the CRD’s Core Area Liquid Waste Management Plan Wastewater Treatment System. Urban Systems have provided support to both the Westside an Eastside Select Committee processes over the past four months and have a good understanding of the objectives with the next phase of work. Carollo Associates is a US environmental engineering firm specializing in water and wastewater planning, design, and construction services for municipal clients. Carollo Associates offers specialist advisors in key subject areas appropriate for the scope of work including: gasification, resource recovery, tertiary treatment and facility lifecycle cost estimation.

Over the coming months, Urban Systems and Carollo Associates will provide detailed costing and technical analysis for distributed options sets in partnership with the Eastside and Westside communities that integrate and account for all the flows in the Core Area communities. They will also cost a range of potential wastewater treatment systems at Rock Bay from centralized to sub-regional. 

The Wastewater Treatment plans developed in the coming months will be shared with the public for input in the fall. The plans will provide the detailed costing and ‘apples to apples’ comparison requested by the public in earlier phases of public engagement and will ultimately form the basis for an amendment to the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Plan (CALWMP).

The CRD is a local government that delivers 200+ regional, sub-regional and local services for residents of the region which includes 13 municipalities and three electoral areas within 2370 square kilometres on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Governed by a 24 member Board of Directors, the CRD is working to serve the public, and build a vibrant, livable and sustainable region.



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