Westside Solutions Commits to Considering Additional Privately Owned Treatment Sites until July 13

Jun 30, 2015

The Westside Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Select Committee (Westside Solutions) today committed to considering potential wastewater treatment sites put forward by private property owners on the westside until July 13.

In mid-June, Westside Solutions announced the location of 20 potential westside wastewater treatment sites put forward by municipalities and the Esquimalt Nation. Twelve of those sites are privately owned. The sites put forward are considered technically feasible given site size, proximity to infrastructure, resource recovery potential and other considerations.

In order to ensure that additional opportunities can be considered, Westside Solutions is reaching out to private landowners who may be interested in providing land for the wastewater treatment project.

Interested private property owners are asked to send a letter of interest to the Westside Select Committee (info@WestsideSolutions.ca) prior to July 13, to allow all sites to be included in a full technical analysis.

Members of the public are encouraged to review and provide input into the current wastewater treatment options which identify the 20 potential westside wastewater treatment sites.  These option sets do not exclude the possibility of new sites being added to the mix. 

Further public input will help the Westside Select Committee decide which sites and treatment scenarios to put forward for a more detailed technical and costing analysis. The Westside Solutions feedback form will be available until July 22 and can be found at http://fluidsurveys.com/s/WestsideSiteSpeak/.

For more information visit www.crd.bc.ca/westside-solutions.

Colwood, Esquimalt, Langford, View Royal, Songhees Nation and Esquimalt Nation with the support of the CRD, are working together to find a westside solution to wastewater treatment and resource recovery.



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