Westside identifies potential wastewater treatment and resource recovery sites

May 01, 2015

Victoria, BC– A potential list of 20 technically feasible sites for wastewater treatment and resource recovery facilities in the westside communities of Esquimalt, View Royal, Colwood and Langford has been compiled by the Westside Solutions technical committee.

The sites – which will not be identified by location at the present time because several of them are privately owned – were selected based on their size and their proximity to existing trunk lines, potential outfalls, neighbourhoods, and existing developments that could take advantage of resource recovery opportunities.

“This is a positive step forward, but we have more work to do yet,” said Esquimalt Mayor and Westside Solutions Co-Chair Barbara Desjardins. “The Select Committee is reviewing the report and will combine it with ongoing input from our public engagement process. These parallel processes will help us arrive at a technically viable and publically acceptable solution for wastewater treatment and resource recovery in the westside. ”

Highlights of the technical report:

  • each westside community has at least one site that accommodate all their own municipal wastewater flows
  • some potential sites are large enough to handle all flows from westside communities as well as those from Victoria and Saanich which flow into the Macaulay outfall through the northern section of the North West Trunk
  • several sites meet the requirements to process biosolids on-site in addition to wastewater treatment
  • tertiary level of treatment is required to meet the survey respondents' preference for reuse of treated effluent prior to disposal

The Westside Solutions Select Committee will host public roundtables on May 6, 9 and 13 to further refine the criteria for potential wastewater treatment sites. This roundtable dialogue will explore the potential benefits, tradeoffs and conditions for acceptance of siting wastewater treatment and resource recovery facilities within westside communities. The roundtable will provide invaluable information for municipal decision makers who will be faced with choosing a site in the coming months.

The primary goal of the Westside Solutions process is to create a unified, regional wastewater treatment and resource recovery system, working in partnership with the Eastside Select Committee. A joint Westside/ Eastside presentation of site options is tentatively planned for June 2015.


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