PPP Canada Funding Extension Approved

Apr 08, 2015

Victoria, BC – The Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (CALWMC) has announced that they have signed an agreement with PPP Canada that will allow for a one year extension to make decisions on how to treat wastewater in the core area with the PPP Canada funding of $83.4 million intact.

“With the substantial efforts from the Eastside and Westside Select Committees and the Core Committee we have made considerable progress on the wastewater treatment file over the last few months,” said CALWMC Chair Nils Jensen. “By unanimously committing to an aggressive work plan that sets out a clear process with key objectives and milestones we have provided PPP Canada with confidence in our ability to achieve our goals.”

In December 2014, Director Jensen was elected as Chair of the CRD Board. Due to the uncertainty around wastewater treatment in the core area he took the unusual step in appointing himself as chair of the CALWMC in order to help move the Committee into a more stable situation.

“I am pleased to say that the PPP Canada work plan provides a clear focus for the work of the Core Area Committee as well as the Westside and Eastside Select Committees,” said Chair Jensen. “I am satisfied that I can now take on a more traditional member role on this committee rather than continuing on as its Chair.”

Director Lisa Helps has agreed to fill the role of Chair for the CALWMC effective May 13.

“Getting shovels in the ground on wastewater treatment and resource recovery in the core area is the biggest project the CRD has undertaken to date; no one person can do it alone,” said Director Lisa Helps. “I am pleased to accept the role of Chair. I look forward to working with my colleagues across the region on a collaborative process which will result in a cost-effective, environmentally sound, and long-term solution that will be supported – and indeed celebrated – by the public.”

The CRD is responsible for formulating one final Core Area Liquid Waste Management Plan and managing the financial contributions from senior levels of government. Provincial requirements state that the approved CALWMP must be implemented by an independent body, in this case the Seaterra Commission.

The CRD is a local government that delivers 200+ regional, sub-regional and local services for residents of the region which includes 13 municipalities and three electoral areas within 2370 square kilometres on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Governed by a 24 member Board of Directors, the CRD is working to serve the public, and build a vibrant, livable and sustainable region.



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